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an interior designer located in New York City researching, exploring and committed to the intersection of art, graphic design and architecture as it relates to creating bespoke, vivid branded interior environments. 

TG is currently collaborating on projects for




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that both epitomize each client and brand identity


create thoughtful, engaging interior environments. 



A Performance Center  

  EMCC //

Electronic Music Community Center




"A supportive and engaging experimental space for musicians and music lovers."


Learn. Produce. Perform.

Electronic music was the 5th most popular genre of music downloaded in the US in 2016 (Nielsen.com). As the genre is gaining more presence in American society and is booming more than ever across the globe, electronic music - the production and performance of - is more relevant than ever. 

For electronic musicians, understanding production is pivotal to their success. Modern technology has influenced a variety of new, digital instruments, who's operations are complex and highly individualistic. Moreover, music performance, especially mass attended music festivals, such as Coachella, Movement, Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, are seeing record high numbers with sometimes over 70,000 people per day attendance (LA Times). 


Electronic Music Community Center or EMCC is a growing response to the demand of electronic music today. With the intention of supporting the full development of emerging individual and group artists, EMCC is aimed at providing three [3] major components of music training    

Educational Classes

Recording Studios

Performance Spaces


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Otherworldly Synergies

Driven by the effects of electronic music on the brain and overall deeper penetrating consciousness feelings understood in music production in general, otherworldly synergies describes the conceptual drive of EMCC. 

Lighting, Materials + Equipment

Being a performance driven environment, EMCC pays particular attention to lighting, sound and acoustics. 

Absorptive and reflective high performance materials capable of withstanding heavy usage were chosen for this project. Concrete, steel, and perforated aluminum were some of the most predominantly utilized materials.

Lighting design both served practical application and included multifunctional adaptations—allowing the environment to adapt to each individual artist or group’s needs.

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Discover + Go


To be a participating member of the music community, open and adaptable for any prospective participant, EMCC created a user friendly app making ticket purchase easy.

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Green Energy

Being a performance driven environment means using a lot of energy. To thoughtfully control the thermal environment and maximize the facility’s energy expenditure, green roofing wall was incorporated into the exterior of the building. 

Admin + Education Entry Callout

Admin + Education Entry Callout

Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Green Room Callout

Green Room Callout

Performance Entry

Performance Entry

Education Space Callout

Education Space Callout

Second Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Recording Space Callout

Recording Space Callout

Furniture Collection




"Pure art devoid of unnecessary elements."

Conceptual Identity

Conceptual Identity

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Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.18.28 AM.png

Capsule Pharmacy

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The seed of a healthy life you deserve.

Capsule Pharmacy is a pharmacy you never have to visit but might want to. In this case, you want to.

In this case, branding and storefront design was generated to accommodate the future likelihood of a Capsule sales space.